50K324 Agilium Reactive

Reference number 50K324
Relief for the knee joint and additional stabilisation

The Agilium Reactive is a good choice for patients with medial or lateral osteoarthritis of the knee who prefer a knee brace that uses the conventional three-point principle. Its innovative closure system in the upper calf area makes it possible to sit comfortably without compromising stable positioning when standing. Thanks to the integrated Boa closure system, the strap can be loosened at the press of a button. Further benefits at a glance:

  • Low weight thanks to lightweight materials and slim design
  • Adapts to the body shape thanks to auto-adaptive guide elements
  • Innovative padded surfaces prevent the brace from slipping out of place
  • Available as one size fits all for the left/right side

Product information

Indications Osteoarthritis of the knee in the medial or lateral compartment
How it works Relieves the medial or lateral knee compartment
Reduces the varus or valgus moment
Improves mobility
Can relieve pain
Features & benefits Easy to fit
High level of wearer comfort
Pain-reducing effect

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