50K15 Genu Sensa

Reference number 50K15
Stabilises the knee and reduces strain

The Genu Sensa is a form-fitted active support that is ideal for patients who have strain-related knee pain, feelings of instability or incipient osteoarthritis of the knee. It supports sensorimotor function and activates muscular stabilisation of the knee. Pain is relieved and joint function is improved. A ring-shaped pad in the patella area offers targeted guidance and relief. Special compression zones stimulate circulation and promote the reduction of oedemas, haematomas and effusion. To ensure an even better fit, the Genu Sensa is available in the standard version and the V-Max version for larger thighs.

Product information

Indications Knee pain with no or only minimal ligament laxity and with no or only mild feeling of instability
How it works Continuously optimises soft tissue compression.
Activates muscular stabilisation.
Improves proprioception.
Supports sensorimotor function.
Promotes the reduction of oedemas and haematomas.
Relieves and guides the patella.
Can relieve pain.

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