50S8 Malleo TriStep

Malleo TriStep
Reference number 50S8N
Three phases, one brace

The Malleo TriStep multifunctional ankle brace provides treatment for your patient in every phase of healing. The stabilising effect of the brace can be reduced incrementally and the mobility of the foot increased. Brace components can be removed in a few easy steps.

  • The foot shell limits supination as well as plantar flexion of the foot.
  • The user enjoys high freedom of movement, and the joint is also protected.
  • The Malleo TriStep is multifunctional for optimal treatment in every phase of healing. In consultation with the attending physician, users can gradually reduce the stabilising effect.
  • Protection of the ligaments of the upper ankle joint is ensured at all times.
  • The functional and stabilising elements can be added or removed in a few easy steps.

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Stabilisation strap
Stabilisation strap

The stabilisation strap holds the foot in a neutral position (90°).

Foot shell
Foot shell

The foot shell immobilises the foot and provides stability in critical phases, such as during sleep or in the acute phase.

Product information

Indications, how it works, features and benefits
Indications Acute ankle injuries,
Acute and chronic capsular ligament instability,
Inflammatory joint diseases,
Degenerative ankle diseases,
Rehabilitation after ankle surgery,
Medial ligament ruptures
How it works Stabilises and supports the ankle, adapted to healing,
Protects against inversion/eversion,
Can reduce recurrent injuries
Features & benefits Three-phase fitting concept:
Specific adaptation of the stabilising effect and support for mobilisation during the course of therapy,
Stabilising elements adapt to the individual anatomy:
Custom fit and high level of wearer comfort,
Auto-adaptive foot shell:
Limits supination as well as plantar flexion and provides stability, especially in critical phases such as during sleep or in the acute phase,
Orthotic design:
Components can be added or removed without the use of tools in a few steps
Sizing chart

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Malleo TriStep
Malleo TriStep
Malleo TriStep
Shoe size 36–39 40–44 45–48


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