50S19 Infinity Air Walker

Infinity Air Walker, high
Reference number 50S19
Hard shell, soft interior

From ligament, soft tissue and tendon injuries to foot fractures – the Infinity Air Walker supports the user's recovery in various domains. The Infinity Air Walker lives up to its nickname “Air” in a number of ways: Thanks to an extremely lightweight design and its slatted frame structure, it is particularly breathable, provides a comfortable temperature and is characterised by a high degree of wearer comfort.

Benefits at a glance:

  • The orthosis is available in two heights: low and high
  • The air cushion allows compression to be applied simply and precisely, without any additional tools.
  • Areas of application: ligament, soft tissue and tendon injuries as well as forefoot, metatarsal, ankle and tarsal fractures
  • The Infinity Air Walker can also be used to treat Achilles tendon injuries when appropriate heel wedges are used.

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Different product versions available
Different product versions available

Perfect patient-appropriate selection option

Adjustable toe protector
Adjustable toe protector

The adjustable toe protector shields the foot from frontal impacts and can be individually set.

Fully integrated air pump
Fully integrated air pump

The integrated air pump is used to adjust compression and stability to the desired level – without an additional air pump.

Slip-resistant anti-shock sole
Slip-resistant anti-shock sole

The slip-resistant anti-shock sole also offers additional protection. It absorbs impacts while also offering stability on slippery surfaces.

Breathable frame structure
Breathable frame structure

The slatted frame structure offers the necessary protection and stability on the one hand and, thanks to its permeability, a high level of wearer comfort on the other hand.

Product information

Indications, how it works, features & benefits
  • Distal fibula fractures
  • Stable forefoot, metatarsal and/or ankle fractures
  • Ankle sprains
  • Soft tissue injuries of the foot
  • Infinity Air Walker, high only: Achilles tendon ruptures – with use of heel wedges (15°/30°, 10°/16°/22°)
  • Infinity Air Walker only: exostosis treatment for hallux valgus
How it works
  • Immobilises the foot/ankle area
  • Promotes the reduction of oedemas and haematomas with targeted compression
Features & benefits
  • Lightweight:
    Comfortable to wear
  • Fully integrated air pump:
    Adjustment of compression and stability to the desired level without additional tools.
  • Anti-shock sole:
    Protects the joints and improves wearer comfort
  • Closed frame construction:
    Offers adequate functional stability
  • Non-slip sole:
    For safety when walking
  • Toe protector:
    Protects against frontal impacts
  • Breathable structure:
    Allows air to circulate in the liner and improves comfort for the patient
  • Socket edge in fan design:
    Prevents pressure points on the thigh
Sizing chart

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50S19 Infinity Air Walker
50S19 Infinity Air Walker
50S19 Infinity Air Walker
50S19 Infinity Air Walker
Size S M L XL
Shank height in cm 38 42 45 47
Shoe size 35–38 39–42 43–46 47+