28F10 heel relief orthosis

Heel relief orthosis
Reference number 28F10
Mobile despite calcaneal fracture

Allowing wearers who have suffered a calcaneal fracture to walk again as quickly as possible – that is the goal of the heel relief orthosis. 

  • The orthosis relieves the calcaneus by bracing the longitudinal arch and supporting the calf (“floating heel”).
  • Even in cases of bilateral calcaneal fractures, patients can walk nearly normally soon after the accident or surgery.
  • The neuromuscular structures and the calcareous salt content of the bone are influenced in a positive manner. This prevents damage due to immobilisation.
  • The muscle pump acts as a thrombosis prophylaxis. Thanks to additional compression pads, the load can be increased gradually.
  • Treatment time and costs may be lowered. This was demonstrated in a study by the Wuppertal construction employers’ liability insurance association.

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Step rubber
Step rubber

The step rubber dampens the heel strike.

Forefoot cap
Forefoot cap

The structure of the forefoot cap is similar to that of a shoe. A virtually physiological gait pattern is possible thanks to the flexible sole in the forefoot region.

Heel container
Heel container

The heel container, which is thermoformable, can be customised to the patient’s calf.

Product information

Indications, how it works, features and benefits
Indications Calcaneal fractures, unilateral and bilateral,
Lower ankle arthrodesis
How it works Relieves the calcaneus,
Promotes early mobilisation,
Prevents muscular atrophy
Features & benefits Ready-to-fit component kit:
All components are easy to assemble,
Compression pads can be individually inserted:
Incremental load increase optimises healing
Sizing chart

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Shoe size 36–41 42–46 47–50