50A3 Epi Forsa Plus

Epi Forsa Plus
Reference number 50A3
Targeted, adjustable compression

The Epi Forsa Plus epicondylitis brace is used in case of irritation and excessive stress symptoms in the elbow area.

  • It is suitable for functional therapy after injuries or disease and can also be used as a prophylactic brace for sports and everyday life
  • The application of state-of-the-art fabrication technologies allows the Epi Forsa Plus to be fabricated without seams. This results in a high level of comfort for the user

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Pad can be repositioned
Pad can be repositioned

The pad can be individually positioned for a targeted micro-massage.

Skin-friendly material
Skin-friendly material

The Epi Forsa Plus is manufactured without seams, significantly improving wearer comfort. Combined with the skin-friendly velour material, this avoids skin irritation.

Plastic core
Plastic core

The stable, softly padded plastic core ensures optimal pressure distribution in the brace.

Product information

Indications, how it works, features & benefits
Indications Epicondylitis humeri radialis (tennis elbow),
Epicondylitis humeri ulnaris (golfer's elbow)
How it works Provides local relief for the tendon tissue on the epicondyle,
Targeted, adjustable compression of the forearm muscles,
Promotes hyperaemia through friction massage,
Can relieve pain
Features & benefits Stable, softly padded plastic core,
Optimal pressure distribution,
Pads can be repositioned,
Targeted micro-massage,
Elastic insert tape,
Dynamic, continuous regulation of pressure

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