Research & Development

We are conducting research in our development centers all over the world, aligned with the core competencies of the Orthobionic® and Bionicmobility® business areas. The results form the foundation of our successful innovations for improved quality of life.


Our way: From bionics to technology for people

Bionics examines structures and processes in nature in order to derive technological solutions (biology + technology). Bionic research and development is of particular importance for medical technology.
- with a prosthesis walk naturally again after a leg amputation;
- use a prosthesis hand deliberately and confidently, even when handling breakable items;
- regain lost motor functions after a stroke through a neural implant.
Ottobock uses bionics to develop products that maintain or reestablish natural mobility. Ottobock uses the terms Orthobionic® and Bionicmobility® to describe the two fields in which the company is driving technological progress.
The way from bionics to advanced technology becomes readily apparent in myoelectrics, which Ottobock has continuously developed since the 60’s. The key question: How is it possible for a person to control a prosthesis using his or her will?

Bionic - A Look into the Future

Bionic - A Look into the Future

Using nature as our teacher, we combine newly obtained knowledge with our technological know-how and arrive at new, innovative products.

Technology for People

Technology for People

Innovations are the milestones of the Ottobock history of success. Aside from the overall design concepts, there are many detailed solutions that improve the functionality and quality of our products


Quality for life