High stability for the wrist

The Wrist Orthosis Manu Forsa Volar combines optimal treatment with an attractive appearance. The discreet orthosis is suitable for all-round use and largely immobilizes your wrist.

Wrist Orthosis Manu Forsa Volar 50P12 of Otto Bock.

Manu Forsa Volar 50P12

At a Glance

  • Immobilization of the wrist
  • Attractive design
  • High comfort
  • Skin-friendly, soft material
  • Easy to use





When stability and immobilization of the wrist are required, the Manu Forsa Volar is a solution that provides a high level of stability for the wrist, both during flexion and during extension. The orthosis combines good results with an appealing design, which helps builds your comfort and helps ensure that you receive the full therapeutic benefit of wearing the brace as directed by your Doctor.

The circular hook-and-loop closures make it quick and easy to put the orthosis on and take it off with the sound hand, and can be adjusted precisely to your needs for everyday wear.

Reduces Temperature Fluctuations

You’ll appreciate the soft, skin-friendly velour material and the minimalist design, which helps to effectively reduce heat build-up underneath the orthosis.


The Manu Forsa Volar is simple and effective: Your wrist is immobilized in a medically recognized optimal position for immobilization or stabilization. Due to the Y-shaped, anatomically molded metal splint, the wrist orthosis provides support for the hand in addition to immobilization. Small clasps on the end of the Y-splint enclose the inner and outer edge of the palm so that sideways mobility of the hand is significantly restricted. Your palm rests comfortably on a heart-shaped pad attached with hook-and-loop tape.


  • Acute and chronic irritations in the wrist (such as carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Post-traumatic and post-operative conditions, which require a high degree of immobilization of the wrist
  • Partial paralysis

Quality for life