The E-Support power add-on drive for manual wheelchairs

The E-Support power add-on drive increases your range of activity. It supports you optimally in your independent mobility in the manual wheelchair.


E-Support power add-on drive for Manual Wheelchairs

At a Glance

  • Servo-supported drive for adaptation of manual wheelchairs
  • Automatically boosts arm power
  • Improves mobility and supports independent locomotion in the wheelchair
  • Promotes arm movement and activity
  • Easy to convert
  • Also suitable for other makes
  • Wheelchair remains foldable with drive system

With the E-Support power add-on drive, you are mobile. It supports you optimally in your independent mobility in the manual wheelchair and increases your activity radius. With an additional therapeutic effect: You can once again cover longer distances and move your arms over longer time periods in the process. This promotes circulation, trains your musculature, and supports your activities.

Ready for Longer Trips within Seconds

You can replace the push rings of your manual wheelchair with the E-Support in just a few easy steps. The wheelchair can also be folded to its normal size and stowed in a space-saving manner even with the auxiliary drive installed.

The servo principle is the decisive factor for the E-Support: Highly sensitive sensors measure the amount of force you apply to the drive wheels and boost it electronically. You can select between two versions. The first version supports your strength by one and one-half times. That means you provide 40 percent of the power and the E-Support provides 60 percent. With the second version, the E-Support provides 75 percent. Of course, safety is not disregarded: Your wheelchair does not travel faster than seven km/h with the E-Support and automatically brakes on downhill grades. Your trip becomes more relaxed and endurance and safety are improved.

The E-Support is not only suitable for manual wheelchairs made by Otto Bock, but also for many other makes. Your rehab technician will advise you regarding the various options.

Quality for life